Best Football Gloves for Rain & Snow 

by Alex Stone

Football is a game that is played under every weather condition imaginable.  For the most part, there isn’t much change in equipment from game to game.  That all changes with the WarHard HydroRepel football gloves. 

The standard football gloves are typically made with either a silicone or pvc based palm.  These are specifically designed to give you a tacky, feel under normal playing conditions.  These materials have their limitations in cold and wet weather.  In colder weather, the palms will harden and lose that initial sticky feeling when first bought.  Additionally, rain and water will sit on the surface of the gloves, making them extremely slippery when wet. 

HydroRepel football gloves by WarHard are a game changer in wet and cold conditions.  We create gloves specifically designed for enduring challenging environments.  You train hard, you adjust your game plan for inclement weather, you should also adjust your equipment.  We want to make sure you have all the tools in your bag to perform at your highest levels at all times.  We do the research, we do the testing, we make sure that if we create a product, its battle tested.   


  • Water creates a hydro barrier on the surface of normal football gloves creating a slick surface. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football gloves have a hydrophobic leather palm that lets water absorb past the surface, activating natural oils that create a grippy surface, giving you the confidence to make the big play. 


  • Similar to rain, snow prevents you from having confidence with your standard football gloves. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football Gloves keep melted snow off the surface of your palms so you can focus on making the big plays. 


  • Low temperatures slow blood flow to your extremities causing unresponsive hands, making it impossible to catch. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football Gloves use a premium bonded fleece with DripTech water repelling technology.

When it comes to playing in the rain or snow, make sure you have the right gloves for the conditions to maximize your performance. 

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