• What size should I order?

    WarHard gloves will fit slightly tighter than traditional football gloves.  The palm is made of a proprietary leather and is a natural material.  It will tighten up when cold but once it is broken in and wet, will expand.  It is best to aim for a size that will be tight when dry so it will still fit well when in use.

  • Why is the palm leather?

    WarHard’s hydrophobic leather palm is infused with natural oil that pulls water away from the surface leaving a sticky surface which provides unmatched grip in wet, rainy conditions.

  • Are HydroRepel gloves better in the rain?

    Standard football gloves are made of either a silicone or pvc material which hardens in cold weather making it less tacky.  In addition to that, those materials allow water to sit at the surface of the palm and creates a slick surface that minimizes the friction between your hand and the ball.  WarHard Hydrorepel gloves have a leather palm which is the closest material to natural skin.  The leather is infused with hydrophobic oils which removes the water from your palm and remains tacky.

  • Will HydroRepel gloves keep me warm?

    HydroRepel football gloves are made of a bonded material which will provide a layer of warmth and wind protection without the bulk to allow you to play at your highest level.

  • Will HydroRepel gloves keep my hands dry?

    HydroRepel gloves will keep your hands “more dry” than a traditional football gloves.  Gloves are a stitched product and therefore have holes which water can transfer through.  The good news is, HydroRepel gloves perform even better when wet!

  • Can I use HydroRepel gloves in dry conditions?

    Absolutely!  The gloves still perform well in dry conditions, give you superior friction and grip.  Catching the ball is all about friction vs sticky.

  • How do I exchange for another size?

    Email sales@warhard.co and we will be happy to send you a return label and swap out sizes as long as the product is new condition.

  • Can I order bulk for my team?

    Please email sales@warhard.co and a representative will contact you to discuss your bulk order.

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