Extreme performance for extreme conditions.

WarHard’s HydroRepel Football gloves have a hydrophobic leather palm infused with natural oils that pulls water away from the the outer layer, leaving a sticky catching surface, providing unmatched grip in wet, rainy conditions. 

Don't let bad conditions affect how you play the game. 


Water creates a hydro barrier on normal football gloves, causing a slick catching surface. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football gloves have a hydrophobic leather palm that lets water absorb past the outer layer, activating natural oils that create a grippy surface, giving you the confidence to make the big play. 


Similar to rain, snow prevents you from having confidence with your standard football gloves. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football Gloves keep melted snow off the surface of your palms so you can focus on making the big plays. 


Low temperatures slow blood flow to your extremities causing unresponsive hands, making it impossible to catch. WarHard’s HydroRepel Football Gloves use a premium bonded fleece with DripTech water repelling technology.


The idea behind WarHard is putting a maniacal focus on sports products for the toughest conditions. Rain, cold, snow, extreme heat, mud, tough positions, etc… when an athlete is in the worst conditions, they turn to WarHard products that are specifically developed to allow an athlete to perform at highest levels. It’s not about glam or looks, it’s purely function and performance.

Example quote 

Julian Edelman 

Superbowl LIII

Example Quote 

Xander Bogaerts

Best Shortstop in the MLB

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